vLabeler is an open-source voice labeling application with the following objectives:

  • Delivering a modern and seamless UI/UX.
  • Offering a customizable labeling process suitable for various voice generation software.
  • Ensuring high performance and support across multiple platforms.


Packaged application for the following platforms are provided.

  • Windows: ~win64.zip
  • macOS (Intel): ~mac-x64.dmg
  • macOS (Apple Silicon): ~mac-arm64.dmg
  • Ubuntu: ~amd64.deb

Latest Release

Get Started

Currently, vLabeler has official support for the following scenarios:

  • Working on UTAU oto.ini
  • Working on NNSVS/ENUNU lab files
  • Working on Praat TextGrid files (external)

Find your scenario and follow the instructions to create your first labeling project.

See README on GitHub

About localization

This website is currently available in English only, but the application is available in English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.